Local Churches Can Take Part

  • Inform:  Encourage those in your church that have an interest and calling in intercession.  If they would like to talk about how to pray for their city, institutions, families, churches, community, country, etc., you can have them contact us at the House of Prayer.  We want to encourage Christians to pray where they are, for their local government, workplace, city and nation.  Help and suggestions can be given upon request.
  • Fund:  The House of Prayer is not funded by any one specific organization. It is supported totally by donations from individuals and churches.  Would you ask the Lord if He would have you to give a one-time love gift or to monthly financially support the House of Prayer to help cover rent, office costs, travel …? No one at the House of Prayer receives a salary.  All are volunteers raising their own personal financial support.
  • Communicate:  Stay in touch with the House of Prayer by bringing special prayer information to our attention. We want to serve and bless you in your work for the Kingdom of God.